About Thelma Michelle Moore Photography

Nature and Travel photography of awesome places and things.

Thelma Michelle Moore Photography captures images of nature (landscapes, flora, fauna), travel (cityscapes, modern cities, older towns, architecture), and things mostly in Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic area, and occasionally beyond. 

About Thelma Michelle Moore, Owner and Photographer

Hello! I am Michelle and Welcome to My Explorations!

Michelle Moore Self Portrait
Michelle Moore

Inquisitive Person, Strategic Thinker, Director, Manager, Program/Project Manager, Instructional Designer, Learning Technology Implementer, Mentor, Photographer of Pretty Things, Traveler, Optimistic Person, Lifelong Learner, and Cheerleader of People.

One day I would love for it to be said of me that I preserved a bit of history of a place, introduced someone to a new place to visit, or showed you something beautiful. Through nature, travel, and still life photography, I hope to accomplish my goal. My love of older towns and modern cities results in many short trips primarily around the Mid-Atlantic area in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. During the summer my travels take me a little further ever searching for Main Street, old trees, and beautiful flowers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do we explore?

As soon as I have finished the hours and obligations of my real job and if the weather is right, I am out exploring. Sometimes after work but always on the weekend if the weather is right.

2. Do you go to the same location?

During the pandemic, the exploration locations have decreased so yes, there are many repeat locations. This has allowed me to photograph some locations over time and see how they change through the seasons.

3. Have you ever been in danger?

My husband is always paying attention. There was that big tree on the ground that I fell over, the tick bite, and tripping up in Sykesville that resulted in a gigantic swollen knot on my knee. 🙂 But thankfully not to much as I will not put myself into those types of situations.

4. How much does this cost?

The usual cost is for the gas to get there. Most of these beautiful places are free to visit. Some state parks have a small fee.

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